Please view my FAQ page for more information on my approach to capturing weddings. You will find a mixture of various different aesthetics here as there are many different film stocks or ways for me to edit in post. I photograph with analog film or digital cameras.

Hello, I’m Sara.

I take a documentary approach to weddings. I capture things as they are and as they happen, but with a little editorial glam sprinkled in. I believe in soulmates and I love to go to weddings and get to witness the proof of love in so many different people’s lives. I also love to capture moments that are genuine and tell the heart and soul of stories. The beauty found in these stories is not material and I could never put it into words. It’s something that you would have to see for yourself using more than just your eyes. Weddings are also the best place for photojournalism or genuine documentaries because everyone is too busy to be very insecure. I prefer to capture people as they are and not how they pose. People rarely see themselves through the eyes of others because they have often only seen themselves in snapshots they prepared for.

Please read my FAQ page. It has answers to so many questions and additional information.





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