Documentary photographer and videographers available throughout the East coast, New England, Florida, Oklahoma and The Smokey Mountains.

I am Sara Combs, I take a documentary approach to photographing and filming weddings with a little editorial glam sprinkled in. Please check out my FAQ page for more details on how I capture weddings. My three favorite photographers are John Dolan, Naomi Goggin and Lauren Greenfield. I have been married Since 2011 and we have three dog-babies. We are a freelance family. All of our work allows us to travel and we do that frequently. I live an alternative lifestyle filled with travel, dogs, camping and the work that I love. I’m originally from Oklahoma but I’m there less often than everywhere else. I’m usually located in the Smokey Mountains or New England but I frequent the entire East coast in my Transit Van AKA class B RV. #vanlife #rvliving #homeiswhereyouparkit

2019-2020 weddings include, so far, NC, OK, MA, ME, FL, SC, & GA.

Contact me no matter where your wedding.

I believe in soulmates and I love to go to weddings and get to witness the proof of love in so many different people’s lives. I also love to capture moments that are genuine and tell the heart and soul of stories. The beauty found in these stories is not material and I could never put it into words. It’s something that you would have to see for yourself using more than just your eyes. Weddings are also the best place for photojournalism or genuine documentaries because everyone is too busy to be very insecure. I prefer to capture people as they are and not how they pose. People rarely see themselves through the eyes of others because they have often only seen themselves in snapshots they prepared for.